The Brief

Anne is a phenomenon- structured and organised, yet playful and approachable, and we wanted a logo that would play to her every whim. In addition, we knew that this logo was to be used on her upcoming book and TV series, so if ever there was a need for a versatile logo, this was it! 


The Solution

Having followed Anne's work for such a long time, we had so many ideas that we wanted to put forward. Funny as it may seem, we almost had to work hard to stop working. We loved every second of this project.


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The Testimonial

From the start, Melissa's approach was exemplary. Melissa drafted the first logos within a day, and kept on amazing me with her speed and efficiency from then on. She'd send over new drafts, changes and suggestions within a day of me giving my feedback. I also really appreciated her openness and friendliness: I changed my mind so many times and kept on asking for new little changes - all no problem for Melissa and dealt with immediately. 

In the end Melissa managed to create the perfect logo for Anne's Kitchen, it just feels really 'me' and I'm just so happy about our collaboration. Melissa's amazing creativity, friendly approach and utter professionalism make her and her agency Squash Banana a really fantastic partner to work with.