The Brief

When Anne came to use saying that she wanted to work with us again, we simply couldn't resist. This time, it was the total make-over of her website. We couldn't wait.


The Solution

Anne wanted a website the fitted in with her new branding, and moreover a website that her followers would enjoy reading and cooking through. It had to be functional yet personable and taking our lead from the logo, we juxtaposed soft doilies and muted colours against a tightly engineered structure.


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The Testimonial

After designing my logo for Anne's Kitchen (and getting it spot-on), I knew Squash Banana was the perfect partner to design my website. The blog had been running for over 3 years on a simple Wordpress platform, and I wanted it all changed. We added a lot of complexity and innumerable pages to it - to host my TV video pages, recipes and city tips. It was a huge task, and Squash Banana managed to splendidly deal with it!


I totally love the intricate and lovely design, and the Wordpress back-end is so simple to navigate that I get a smile on my face every time I use it. Fantastic job!