The Brief

We have been a fan of the fantastic Bee's Bakery for as long as we can remember, so when Bee approached us to help create memorable piece of artwork which would be mailed to her clients to celebrate all of the wonderful qualities of her bakery, we were already brimming with ideas.


The Solution

Colourful, unique and tasty- this is how we had always seen Bee's and so we wanted a piece of design that would make reference to all of these fantastic quirks. But this design also had to be versatile as it was also going to be sent to many new clients, and so we decided to make our postcard one that could be dismantled into a business card and bookmark. 

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The Testimonial

Melissa had a brilliant creative idea for a project I'd been procrastinating over for some time, which made working with her a total 'no brainer'!

She worked incredibly fast, creating a really unique piece of artwork, and encouraged me to be honest and straightforward with my feedback at all points, so that we were able to finalise a design that we both loved in the most efficient way possible.


I'm excited to work on new projects with Squash Banana and have already recommended her to a few contacts!