The Brief

We had worked with the charming Sophie Elliott on a previous project and knew it would be an absolute delight to work with her again. This time, Sophie came to us with an altogether different brief- she wanted to create a stylish, edgy take for a nutritional website.

The Solution

And so DIRTY/GREEN was born; a bright and engaging new brand that would make people think twice about wellbeing simply being just boring vegetables, vanilla scented candles and little yoga mats.


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The Testimonial

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Melissa on more than one occasion and I can wholeheartedly say that she gets better every time! Melissa and her team really listen to me as a client, proposing creative and wonderful ideas. Melissa builds such warm and honest relationships, working with her is an absolute pleasure and a great learning experience.

The team at Squash Banana are one of the most patient and reliable I have worked with - I’m not sure how they put up with my every demand but they do and it’s fantastic! I very much look forward to working with Melissa again soon.