The Brief

TLMS wanted a high end product, as they were marketing themselves as a new kind of service. Key words given us were: Avant Garde, Fashion and Luxury.


The Solution

This was a great project as the clients were keen to push the boundaries of typical Medical aesthetics. Type was stripped back and instead of information overload, we concentrated on selling an ideal. Set includes: Full Brand package: Branding, stationary design, POS, web development and construction

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The Testimonial

Squash Banana has been nothing short of a blessing for us. To be able to manage two stoic doctors with a tight deadline and frequent changes in concepts and ideas is a task in itself.

Melissa in particular has the patience, dedication, time execution, creative ability and current knowledge of an ever-fluctuating marketing industry to ensure we met our brief & made the impact desired, as well as reigning us in at times! Squash banana has been exemplary in providing us with the leading platform desired in the medical cosmetic industry today. Thank you.